Dropbox and Microsoft's Office 365 to integrate


Edward Snowden advises users to move away from Dropbox, Facebook, Google


Hackers infect more than 17,000 Macs


Why the JPMorgan Hack Is Scary


JPMorgan Hackers cam in, in June


Huge hack 'ugly sign of future'


iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor 'hacked'

A group of German hackers has found a way to bypass Apple's TouchID, and claims that fingerprint biometrics is an unsuitable method of access control more

Test 'reveals Facebook, Twitter and Google snoop on emails'

Facebook, Twitter and Google have been caught  snooping on messages sent across their networks, new research claims, prompting  campaigners to express concerns over privacy. more

Security Researcher Hacks Mark Zuckerberg’s Wall To Prove His Exploit Works

Last week, security researcher Khalil Shreateh discovered a Facebook bug that allowed a hacker to post on anyone’s wall — even if they weren’t that person’s friend. more

Most "private clouds" aren't really clouds at all


Hackers target Twitter


Ratcliff IT Christmas Opening Times 2012


London buses to offer NFC


How Consumerization is Lowering Security


Apple founder worried about cloud


Hybrid Cloud for small businesses

Hybrid clouds are the most popular cloud computing models with UK businesses more

Password Security

Is your password secure? Ratcliff IT can advise on password security for your small business. more

Budget 2012: The highlights for the IT industry

Ratcliff IT look at the impact of the Budget 2012 more

Office 365 price change

Microsoft Office 365 price change


Malware infections on the rise

Microsoft have confirmed that Malware infections are on the rise, and a threat to small businesses. more

Windows 8 Launch

Microsoft has released a preview of its Windows 8 operating system, which is designed to power the next generation of tablets, laptops and PCs. more

Data leaks as a result of USB drive

Do your staff bring USB drives into the work place? Data leaks should be a serious concern for your business, speak to a specialist today at Ratcliff IT. more

Proposed EC data protection rules help cloud adoption

Proposed EC data protection rules help cloud adoption more

Thailand flood cause hard drive shortage

Microsoft have issued a lower profit warning as a direct result of the floods in Thailand. more

Microsoft security

Microsoft is set to raise the bar on security with TWC Next. more

Norton Security Alert

Symantec has confirmed that hackers have stolen a segment of its source code for its Norton anti-virus software. more

Microsoft critical flaw

Microsoft has issued an emergency security update for a critical flaw the affects all currently supported versions of Windows and Windows Server and could be used for a denial of servcie attack. more

Ratcliff IT Christmas opening times

Ratcliff IT opening times more

Is Blackberry for sale?

Ratcliff IT look at the possible sale of Blackberry more

The Cloud in 2012

Ratcliff IT look at the impact The Cloud may have on your business in 2012. Ratcliff IT support provide IT support to small businesses. more

Large IT company bans emails

Atos ban emails for staff in a move to incourage people to speak to each other. more

The Great British Business Show

Ratcliff IT and the Great British Business Show 2011 more

FBI takes down Malware "botnet" with of 4 million computers

The FBI and Estonian police have taken down a botnet of over 4 million computers in an operation dubbed "Ghostclick".


HP makes U Turn on PC Business sale

HP has reversed its decision to spin-off the company's PC division more

Playbook OS2.0 delay

RIM delays the release of the Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0 until next year more

BT Broadband issues today

Broadband issues more

IT use for Accountancy Practices

Accountancy practices will need to review the way they use IT in the future to keep ahead of the competition. more

Blackberry Failure Found

Blackberry email services have now been still not been fully restored after a crash on Monday left millions of users without internet service. more

The Cloud for your small business

Ratcliff IT can help your small business to understand the latest buzz phrase "the cloud". more

Companies let staff bring in their own devices

As more and more staff have the desire to use their own devices on corporate networks, Ratcliff IT look into how you could help this happen and what your business needs to prepare for. more

HP Touchpad owners offered refund

Owners who bought the HP Touchpad prior to the price crash have been offered a refund more

Microsoft Office 365 hit by 2 hour blackout

Microsoft Office 365 hit by 2 hour blackout more

Apple co-founder resigns

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has resigned. more

HP selling off PC & Tablet business

As HP change their business structure- what does that mean for small businesses in the UK? more

HP Acquire Autonomy

In one week HP ditch its WebOS and buy software giant Autonomy, but what does this really mean? more

Iphone 4 password can be hacked in 18 minutes!

Another security fact on the IPhone 4 more

Malware attacks on the rise!!

A recent McAfee study has shown that most UK companies are subject to sophisticated Malware attacks. more

Facebook launch business site

Social media is important for any small business, and now Facebook launch a site specifically for small businesses. more

Outsourcing IT on a larger scale

IT outsourcing hits the headlines again as M&S renew their agreement for IT support. more

Office 365- the future of cloud?

Microsoft 365 has been launched- Ratcliff IT look at a review of this cloud offering. more

Another Apple security flaw in IOS

As yet another Apple flaw in the IOS is found it is worth looking into your companies use of Apple products. Ratcliff IT will help your company with use of technology and IT support for small businesses in the London area. more

Cloud for finance companies?

Although the cloud isn't ready for small businesses, how are finance companies looking at the cloud? Ratcliff IT look at a recent review of the cloud for finance companies. more

Blackberry Playbook for business?

Blackberry launch the Playbook this week- will this be the start of seeing tablets within small businesses? more

Windows 8

Microsoft introduce Windows 8- but is your business ready? And do you need it when it arrives? Ratcliff IT can help you by calling us on 0844 544 29 21. more

Malware on your business smart phone!

Does your business use smart phones? Are they secure from attacjs such as malware? Ratcliff IT can help you secure your network from attacks. more

Microsoft warn on social networking security

Business should be concerned about an increase of more than 1,000% in phishing activity using social networking more

UK Staff "in dark" about IT security

UK workers in the dark about IT security, study reveals more

Sony data breach: 100m reasons to beef up security

If you are worried about your IT network security, let Ratcliff IT help you with your concerns. Ratcliff IT help small businesses in the London area with all their IT requirements. more

Iphone Security questioned again

The security of Apple's iPhones and iPads is being called into question after it emerged the devices contain a hidden file that tracks the owner's locations.


Ratcliff - New Office

Ratcliff IT are proud to announce our new office as of May 2011 more

Cisco to axe smaller SOHO units

Cisco investors seek to axe consumer unit in company shake up. more

Facebook and your business

Do your staff spend too long on Facebook- how can IT help your staff be more productive? Ratcliff IT look into using IT to have more productive staff. more

New BCS President

Industry veteran Jim Norton takes over as BCS president


Microsoft shuts down giant spamming operation

Microsoft and US feds shut down giant spamming operation


Cloud computing crashes back to earth

Email in the cloud is the latest buzz - but if you were one of those effected by the latest failure then you may be looking at other solutions. more

Can your business survive a virus attack??

Reuters release an article to show how one third of internet users caught a virus last year. Can your business afford to be down due to a virus? Ratcliff IT look into the issues of the Reuters Article more

Your PC at work

8 simple ways to help IT maintain your computer and devices at work


New Facebook Issue

New Facebook application permissions raise security concerns, especially for small businesses that allow users access at work more

Microsoft Security Alert

Microsoft find another security patch- and Ratcliff are able to update all of our client's machines overnight to prevent this. more

Facebook Security highlighted again

Facebook is a constant cause for all users, but especially if you let your workplace users access their accounts from your network. more

Network Security Highlighted again

As a former IT employee faces jail- is it time to review your IT security policy? more

Another Iphone Bug !

A new year is here, and yet another reason to not use the IPhone in your small business...


Skype outage

Skype is a home users internet voice system, not to be confused with VoIP. Ratcliff have several VoIP clients who use their phones daily in offices of between 5 - 50 users without failure. more

Christmas opening hours

Please ensure you are aware of our Christmas opening hours from your Account Manager more

Mobile working for small businesses

Mobile working can open up a whole can of worms for your network security. Ratcliff IT look at some issues. more

AVG Update stops desktops from booting

Security and Anti Virus company AVG has released a version of it's software which could stop your PC from working! more

Cloud Computing for small businesses

Small businesses and cloud computing- Ratcliff IT are here to help your small business with all of your IT support, including advise on Cloud Computing. more

Ratcliff IT- Haberdashers' Aske's School presentation

Ratcliff IT will be presenting at the Haberdashers' Aske's School for Boys on the 18th November from 7.30-9pm more

Businesses not well prepared to protect data on mobile devices

Theft, removal or loss of information and disclosure of private or confidential information are the top information security threats facing organisations, a survey has revealed.


IPhone 4 - Another "glitch"

The IPhone has another glitch showing again why it is not the most suitable phone for small businesses. more

Security attack on Noble Peace website

Another security flaw that could have been prevented for your business


Fake AV alerts

With Malware proving more of an issue for small businesses, what can you do, and how can Ratcliff IT help? more

Data Protection in UK highlighted

How safe is your data? Data laws in the UK are set to get tougher. more

The Cloud

Ratcliff IT are aware many of our customers are looking at "the cloud". We repeat an article from The Chartered Institute of IT regarding the topic. Ratcliff would be happy to speak to you about your business and how the cloud may work for you. more

Microsoft Patch Tuesday and Your Business

Ratcliff IT look at how Patch Tuesday will affect your business and why having a later operating system helps your business more

Tube Strikes don't affect our customers

The London underground tube strike stopped some comanies from working for upto 24 hours- but Ratcliff had already shown our customers how to use technology to continue trading. more

First VMware vCloud in Europe

VMware team up with Colt to provide the UK's first certified vCloud. Ratcliff IT look at the next stage for "The Cloud".


How secure is your data?!?

As the FSA issue a record fine to Zurich insurance, Ratcliff IT look at how secure data is within the small business world. more

New Version of SBS

Microsoft have made available a preview of the new Windows Small Business Server (SBS) codenamed Aurora or SBS 7. more

Facebook Scam- is your business safe?

A new Toy Story 3 scam on Facebook has highlighted the need for web content security and control for small businesses. If you would like Ratcliff IT to help you with your policy and the technology to enforce it, please contact us. more

Damaged laptop- what does it really cost you?

With mission critical data stored on your laptop- what is the real cost to you and your business if you damage it? more

Fake Microsoft Remote Assistance Scam

If you get a call claiming to be from Microsoft - be aware! more

IPad rival for the small business user

With the Ipad making history with the home user market, Microsoft & HP are set to launch their version for the Small Business Market. more

BT Strike Cancelled

BT and the Communication Workers Union have reached an agreement to avert the threat of strike action. Saving your business downtime. more

Iphone Signal problems due to software...

Apple saif the recent signal problems experienced by owners of the new Iphone 4 are down to a software problem more

Windows 7 for your business?

As Windows 7 sells record numbers all over the world, is your business ready for it yet? more

Iphone Security

The launch of the new Iphone has already hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, not least that if you hold it in a certain way you lose signal. Now new issues have occured regarding the Iphone features.


BT Strike Plan

Planned BT Strike Action - Let Ratcliff help your business stay connected more

Tips for staying safe on Facebook

If your small business doesn't have a company wide policy regarding Facebook during work hours, then you need to read this article on staying safe on Facebook more

Malware on your mobile

As businesses rely more on Blackberry & smartphones, we investigate the new wave of spam via your mobile and what you can do to prevent this


Facebook in your workplace

Ratcliff look at the impact Facebook and other social networking sites can have on your business productivity more

IPAD Launch

The IPad hits the UK today. Although popular with users, will small businesses see any use of the latest Apple product? more

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft set an official launch for Office 2010- Ratcliff IT look at the applications for small business more

Broadband Rollout

The rollout of new quality broadband will be a tough task, but something Small businesses need now.


Healthcare 2010 Event

As the HC2010 show is about to start, the event organiser looks at how technology could help health informatics in the future more

Windows 7 Legal Battle

Microsoft has been busy the last couple of days, first celebrating the awesome response to its latest OS, Windows 7, and then, threatening to sue HTC over patent infringement before deciding to license the same technology to the Chinese manufacturer. more

Green IT

Companies’ ICT operations could be scrutinised in the future by environmental campaigners in the same way that the airline industry currently is, according to an author of a new book published today by BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT. more

Cloud & Google

Google acquired LabPixies, a developer of mini-programs for the Web known as widgets from Israel. This acquisition was later known as the first acquisition made in Israel by Google.

Malware & The Workforce

Malware in the mobile workforce- Ratcliff IT help you investigate the issues of Malware more

Technology within healthcare

The Chartered Institute for IT investigate how Health professionals should use IT to assist their business. more

Smart SMS

Using SMS to update customers is a great way forward, but what about Smart SMS .... more

Fake Anti Virus Warnings

Fake anti-virus software that infect PCs with malicious code are a growing threat, according to a study by Google. more

Cloud in the UK

The UK will spend over £1 billion on cloud computing by 2012 - twice as much as today - researchers predict. This would mean more consumers and businesses subscribing to web-based services, such as Google Apps. more

Facebook rule change

Facebook has agreed to make worldwide changes to its privacy policy as a result of negotiations with Canada's privacy commissioner. more

Patch Errors & Updates

Apple has once again shipped a batch of bug-ridden hardware to its users. Those who have recently ordered one of the new 15-inch or 17-inch Macbook Pros from Apple will have to download a whopping 258MB patch. more

Microsoft Security Alert

Microsoft have a security alert over the Christmas period. more

Ratcliff directors pass ITIL Exam

Ratcliff IT are pleased to announce that two of its directors have recently passed the ITIL V3 Foundation Exam. more

Barclays security exposure

The personal information of millions of people is potentially at risk of exposure on Barclays bank mobile banking site. more

AV error

Thousands of PCs around the world have been paralysed by a security update that wrongly labelled part of Windows as a virus. more

New Ratcliff IT Website launched

Ratcliff are proud to launch our new website more